You might think it a little odd that this blog, published by a digital marketing agency is about designers ruining your business; and its absolutely true, in fact its one of the biggest motivators behind IDML being set up in the first place.

Perhaps you can remember your own vision that you had for your website when it started out. How exciting everything was? Perhaps you were told by your agency that the Internet is like a busy high street – Build it and they will come. The problem is, for most people at least it didn’t work out like that.

The problem is a well designed, nice looking website will not necessary make you money. Sadly many companies have brought into this ‘myth’ and are left with good-looking sites that bring in nothing!

IDML was founded out of a frustration our sales and marketing team had with design agencies. We wanted results, they wanted the same old thing every time – and it just did not work.

Instead all our websites are built with marketing first and design second. Our philosophy is simple, when someone visits your site you have just seconds to grab their attention. That’s not going to be dozens of pages perfectly designed. Instead its going to be a compelling headline, well written copy, strong calls to action and soft offers to gather details of site visitors not yet ready to purchase.

There is a lot more to it that we will share over the coming weeks – but if your website is not working and you want to chat with digital marketing experts then drop us a line – we are happy to help

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