Having a website is one thing, but more important is getting that website to perform once its found.

Ad-words is great to find targeted traffic, the only downside is its expensive! To be effective on ad-words you really need to be in those top 3 slots, otherwise your in the side bar that doesn’t really attract the right attention. The problem is that to be in those prized top spots, you could be spending £5+ for a decent keyword per CLICK. So you either have to really niche down, or make sure your site is performing well enough to justify the expense.

SEO is getting very well known these days, and can be quite a complex subject. It takes time to be effective, and requires high monthly fees. And if done wrong can have you kicked to the bottom of google (as happened with the Penguin update!) However, if you have the budgets for it its a great way to get organic and targeted traffic to your site.

An alternative method to advertise is through forums, this is great to find targeted customers, who can then spread the word to a circle of people with similar interests! It can be cheap, but in most cases you’ll find a lot of noise to cut through, so a potent sales script is essential!

So what makes a Sales Video better? A video doesn’t necessarily attract traffic, however its purpose is to CONVERT that traffic into customers. Now, to be clear, this doesn’t just mean a standard video. But a video that specifically targets and talks to your ideal customer on an emotionally enhanced level, to sell your product and build rapid trust to your brand in as short a space as possible.

Studies have found that in todays world with the explosion of online stimulation such as facebook and twitter, people no longer care for long winded sales copy, and the only way to get to them is to grab them by the ears.. and make them learn about your product in a fun and entertaining way!

So why should you get onto this now? Because its a new technology! Very few companies are even aware of the benefits of sales videos, and the few that do don’t know the difference between a standard video and a video that PERFORMS. You see its more than just telling your client how great you are.. your video needs to emphasize with them and their specific issues, and present your solution is a powerful way!

Don’t be fooled by the companies who just make ‘sales videos’, our videos have developed sales script formulas designed professionally to really talk to a potential client. This is what makes all the difference!

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