In today’s climate getting a Grant can be a massive help

We understand that every penny helps – and that’s exactly why we work hard with our clients and necessary agencies to help secure grants for the work we do. Across the North East of England grants are available to companies who are planning to improve their business through investing in business growth projects. The funds provide up to 40% of the total project value – certain restrictions do apply so contact us to see if you might be eligible.

What type of projects are eligible

Presently there is funding available for a variety of projects from website design and development, APPS, copywriting, consultancy, digital marketing and other areas of business growth. IDML can help companies across the North East to tap into these funding streams and present applications in the appropriate manner. Ultimately projects need to safeguard existing jobs or create jobs.

To discuss funding and grants that are available and if you may be eligible simple contact us or request a quote