Why Blogs are so important for companies wanting to grow and how to use them for powerful results | Free to join

This is your special invitation to join this webinar on Blogs and Blogging. The great news is that this free webinar is focused on one tool & how to use it to your advantage. You see, over the past few months the team at IDML and our techies have been hard at work! The result is a powerful solution to enable companies to get a blog and learn how to use it with absolute ease.

6 powerful reasons all companies should have a blog & use it!

1. At last – a way to bring everything together! During the webinar you will discover how a blog is the perfect platform to bring your website, social media, & offline marketing together peacefully and easily.

2. A blog Saves you time – That’s right, during the webinar we will unpack exactly how your blog can save you enormous amounts of time & produce great results.

3. Blog once & Update everything – Imagine a solution that you manage, you can use & is super simple to master. That will instantly update your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms you use.

4. Increase Visitors to your website – Google is changing the way it values content and it loves fresh, new content. It loves it so much, that it places greater value on it than old content. So when you blog (and this webinar will show you how) your site automatically has new, great content that Google will like and thank you for by increasing your rankings & visitor numbers.

5. Fire your Web developers -Once we show you how to get a blog up and running you are in control. You can add your own content and images, links etc anytime you feel like it.

6. Replace old, historic and boring newsletters – Some companies find emailing clients a chore! Attend the webinar and discover how a blog can help you achieve much more, in less time with complete ease.

We hope you enjoy it

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