Helping companies understand Cookie Compliance

making sense of the mess!

IDML developed what we believe is the easiest and neatest means for companies to become compliant. For a small, single payment you get a full cookie audit, both Privacy and Terms of Use policies for your developers to put on your site and then the pop up message which appears to all visitors which ensures that implied consent has been reached.

One payment, one solution = complete compliance.

Cookie Audit, Cookie Compliance and Cookie legislation – what is it?

In May 2012 the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) requires all UK website operators and owners to gain consent from its visitors for the use of cookies and other local storage technologies. The Cookie Service IDML provides will monitor and identify these for you and ensure you comply with the law.

One of the big changes to the regulations is the use of Cookies, the technologies used to store the information of a website visitor. From 26th May 2012 the new regulations state that you can only use cookies when the user has given their explicit permission or consent.

There are as many different types of cookies as there are chocolate bars!

The problem does not end with the legislation itself. After all, it’s fair enough to get someone’s permission to allow you to track them!

The problem is that most website owners don’t really have a clue that they are even using Cookies in the first place, let alone what type! Yet the reality is that almost every single website uses cookies and the revised regulations have a broad impact. Our own research shows that over 75% of websites are illegal, many of them using:

  • Google Analytics or tracking for the website performance
  • Remember my password or information functionality
  • Social content and third-party plugins such as Facebook like buttons or LinkedIn share
  • Any kind of Content Management System – CMS
  • Embedded video, You Tube Content or iFrames from third party providers

You can become fully compliant with the new law today

The great news is the expert team of developers at IDML have worked hard to build a solution to help companies like yours become compliant – quickly, easily and without hassle.

Find out what’s included in the Cookie Compliance Help Solution here.