High Quality Joomla website developers in Darlington

We have been working with Joomla for years and have a full time, internal team of Joomla developers available on hand. They specialize in developing compliant well-designed, written and coded Joomla websites. With extensive experience providing customised Joomla sites that generate results.

Help managing and improving your existing Joomla websites

A common requirement for our Joomla experts in Darlington is to take over and manage an existing Joomla website. Perhaps your agency has gone out of business, done a poor job or simply not responding to your emails. Our team of Joomla specialists can chat with you by phone, understand what you are looking for and take over the ongoing management of your existing site with ease.

What’s more, its likely when we look at your current Joomla website that there are ways in which it can be improved. Our team can chat these possible areas of improvement through with you and work hand in hand to give you the website you are proud of.

At IDML we are specialists in both Joomla and WordPress sites – our team has a wealth of knowledge working in Ajax, JavaScript, CSS, Flash, PHP, HTML, XHTML, XML and SQL. This means you can also use us to develop bespoke applications and extensions based upon a Joomla framework.

Getting a new Joomla website

If you are looking for a new website then our advisors can chat with you about what platform is best for your project. If Joomla is the right solution for you then our in house team of Joomla developers have the experience and knowledge to give you a bespoke website that works.

Why Joomla?

Joomla is an open source content management system that IDML often use as a starting point in the development of a more bespoke website that better fits our clients’ needs. It provides our team with a basic but functional structure that we can further build upon in order to create websites that give our clients exactly what they require.

It can accommodate a vast range of websites, and is used to manage the online presence of a wide range of individuals and organisations, from hobbyists and sole traders, right through to multinational corporations and educational institutions.

Content management systems allow us to manage content using less code and in a more organized fashion than would otherwise have been feasible due to the many thousands of hours of top class web development that it would require to build a framework like this from scratch.

A major advantage of using Joomla is that it allows our team to extend the functionality of the site and add new features such as member areas, polls or rss feeds that have been extensively tested to make sure they are compatible with the rest of the site, as well as across different browsers and operating systems.

To the outside world a site built using Joomla will appear as a normal website. No one could tell if a website was built in Joomla or through another method by looking at it. The fact that a site has been built using Joomla could be hidden from even the most skilled web developers as long as their access to the backend of the site was restricted.

Using Joomla and its accompanying features allows us to create attractive, functional and secure websites that we can manage effectively. Once we create a new custom feature for one of our Joomla websites, we can then apply that new feature right across our range of Joomla sites.