Twitter is a great way to broadcast to your network – fast

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is both broadly accepted and widely used. It’s a proven way for companies to broadcast the services or products that they offer. In our view, Twitter is one the best examples of a free social networking service that allows users to send information through “tweets” to its followers. Every Twitter subscriber has a profile page where they can post any information they feel is relevant to the followers of their page. Every time you post a “tweet” your followers are automatically updated.

Twitter from mobile phones, smart phones and tablets

Twitter has the ability to access your account from your mobile phone or smart phone. This means that you have access to this powerful communication tool wherever you and your phone are. This amazing flexibility means that you can “tweet” to all your clients and potential clients any time you wish, from anywhere, for free, in real time. No need for complicated techies or IT gurus. Twitter puts the power right at your fingertips and it costs you nothing. As with anything new, it can take a little time to think through what you might like to “tweet” about but once you start it will become second nature before too long.

Twitter page design

Let IDML help you stand out with a professionally designed and developed Twitter company page. A company page is the place potential clients can go and find out about your business.

The great news is that a Twitter page design from Insight is simple to order, low cost and will arrive in just a few days. It’s actually one the simplest and easiest steps you can take when improving your social media marketing.

The result – a great looking Twitter Page that can be used to connect with clients, get introduced to prospects, and, perhaps most importantly win new clients.

All this for a one off creation cost of £550 – giving you extended reach, improved online image and integrated social media. IDML will take a strategic approach to the management and building of your Twitter page, utilising any applications we feel may be beneficial to the increase of your social media presence based on our unique experience working with accountancy firms.

Secure your new Twitter page today and the result is instant ability to make your social media marketing work in just a few minutes each day. No time or hassle for you and better still: it’s incredibly low cost. Simply contact us to register your interest in a Twitter page and one of our team will contact you shortly.