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Helping companies and individuals unlock the power of LinkedIn

Over the past few years we have spoken to thousands of companies about social media marketing. One of the most powerful tools (and a great starting point) is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the perfect place for you to network with current and potential clients.

LinkedIn is also a goldmine for companies looking to identify, nurture and win highly profitable new customers. Hundreds of companies are making LinkedIn work powerfully. They have implemented our proven strategies and are enjoying powerful results through LinkedIn. Using brand new methods pioneered exclusively by the Insight team they are saving time and money, managing attrition rates and winning great clients.

Help with LinkedIn and getting the basics absolutely right

LinkedIn is without doubt a powerful new tool for all firms. What can be difficult is getting the basics right? The really good news is that Insight can help your firm get the most out of LinkedIn and help you get the basics right. You can benefit from a range of LinkedIn training and marketing solutions to help your firm use LinkedIn with ease.

LinkedIn Training in Darlington

One of the most common steps for companies is to organise LinkedIn training for their company. This has the advantage of bringing an entire team up to speed and to the same standard very quickly at low cost. It also enables your team to maximise the learning time and minimise the out of office downtime.

Insight has developed a unique half-day LinkedIn training progamme contact us for dates, availability, content and pricing.

LinkedIn profile creation, advice and writing

People are still doing business with people they like; people like them; people who show an interest in them, and who they can trust. LinkedIn is a superb tool to network with current and potential clients online. It’s also a fantastic tool for referral generation and a simple way of keeping our database up to date.

The very first place a client or prospect will look when viewing you on LinkedIn is your personal profile. Get this wrong, and LinkedIn won’t work for you, perhaps worse it could have a negative impact on the way prospects view you. Therefore getting your personal profile 100% right is critical to making LinkedIn work for you. Most individuals find writing their LinkedIn profile exceedingly difficult to do. Writing effective copy is a skill in its own right, trying to come up with words to describe yourself makes the task so much harder.

For a small investment you can have the professional LinkedIn team at Insight write you personal LinkedIn profile for you. For details on the LinkedIn profile service and costs simply contact us.