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Facebook works, it’s here to stay and growing in popularity

The debate rages on in offices, boardrooms and partnership meetings. LinkedIn is accepted, Twitter commonly used but Facebook seems to be viewed as the poor relation. It’s the place where children spend time chatting with children. Originally the argument was that Facebook had no commercial application, value or use. That soon melted away as the early adopters took a calculated risk and created company Facebook pages. Some were shocked by the results, people were still doing business with people they could connect with, people they like. These early adopters paved the way, and now having a Facebook page has become essential for any company looking to be taken seriously.

Facebook is now working for companies of all sizes

With over 800 million active users, the potential market to be found on Facebook is enormous. That’s a massive figure, which should be put into some context, that’s active users. Not users or those that have a Facebook account but do nothing with it. It is 800 million people actively using Facebook; it has of course become a way of daily life for millions of people to communicate through. The recent statistics from Alexa show that 50% of everyone who uses the Internet spends on average 25 minutes a day on Facebook. From a marketing perspective that means that 50% of your potential clients are sitting on Facebook, just waiting for you to reach them.

Anyone can set up a Facebook company page or fan page, detailing your company and the services or products you offer. The problem is whilst its possible, it might be your company does not have the design skills, writing skills or technical ability to make a compelling Facebook page for their practice.

It should be the place where friends, colleagues, clients and those you network with can find you and become ‘fans’ of the company.

It’s also the one place that a prospect can find all the relevant information about your company in one simple place.

Facebook page design from creative experts in Darlington

The great news is that a Facebook company page with IDML is simple to order, low cost, and will arrive in just a few days. It’s actually one the simplest and easiest steps you can take when improving your social media marketing. The result – a great looking Facebook Page that can be used to connect with clients, get introduced to prospects, and, perhaps most importantly win new clients.

All this for a one off creation cost of £550 – giving you extended reach, improved online image and integrated social media. IDML will take a strategic approach to the management and building of your Facebook page, utilising any applications we feel may be beneficial to the increase of your social media presence based on our unique marketing experience.

Secure your new Facebook page today and the result is instant ability to make your social media marketing work in just a few minutes each day. No time or hassle for you and better still: it’s incredibly low cost. Simply contact us to register your interest in a Facebook page and one of our team will contact you shortly.