Professional SEO help and website marketing assistance

There is nothing worse than spending time and money on a great looking website and then discovering it does not appear on Google for the search terms you want. What can you do now? The great news is IDML SEO and website marketing experts in Darlington can help.

Actually getting your website to rank on the search engines can be hard work. And the more competitive the market you are in then the more time and effort is required to get ranked.

Better SEO gives you more traffic and more business

If you build it – they won’t always come! In this online world, if your website cannot be found online and in the top search results then you’re missing out on quality new business. Between 70-80% of traffic goes to the first 5 search rankings and 90% traffic goes to sites that are on page one. So you can see just how important it is to be on the first page if you want your site to generate traffic and enquiries.

Why use IDML SEO experts in Darlington

IDML are based in Darlington and work with businesses across the country to optimise and market their websites. At the heart of what we do are people; you get to work with a family run company who are friendly, down to earth and highly experienced. What you won’t get is on hold music, stuck in a queue with a call centre, or salespeople trying to flog you backlinks. So there are lots of reasons companies choose to work with IDML here are just a few:

  • Over 25 years proven sales and marketing experience
  • People all the way – you deal with one client manager with direct dial numbers no call centres no on hold music
  • Over 8 years SEO experience working with hundreds of customers
  • Proven results from happy clients enjoying page one rankings
  • Ethical on page optimisation (no purchased backlinks, no hidden text)
  • Cost effective and affordable
  • Expert copy writers if additional page copy is required

Your site, your campaign and your SEO

Every website has different objectives and different keywords you want it to rank for. So get in touch with the team at IDML today to discuss your project – simply call us on the number above or contact us.