Google and LinkedIn Pay Per Click Marketing a low risk no brainer!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing using Google and LinkedIn

Most of us are risk adverse; we don’t want to have to throw large sums of money into something because it ‘might work’. The great news is that Pay Per Click marketing is a really great way of marketing at incredibly low risk. You see, you only pay when an individual actually clicks on your ad and visits your website. If they just look at your ad and don’t click then you pay nothing at all. So the risk is super low and your campaign can be very highly targeted both using Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads. You can target the demographics of your ideal target client with pinpoint accuracy and only display your ad to them – meaning the people that click are already highly profiled.

They then visit your website and are immediately taken to a page that is relevant to the ad they have clicked on increasing your visitor to enquiry rate. What’s more everything is fully tracked so it’s easy to Test, Measure the Results, Adapt the ads and Improve the overall campaign.

Google Ad Words PPC campaign managed for you

In our view there is no form of marketing more targeted and relevant than pay per click (PPC) or pay per lead marketing (PPL), particularly through Google Ad Words. A pay per click campaign is based on highly relevant key phrases. It has the power to capture highly focused search queries and drive only those quality leads that your firm really wants. IDML have developed a simple 3-month, low cost trial to enable any firm to try out this superb service and assess its impact and results. For a low cost monthly management fee of just £200 per month you get the following:

  • An industry expert overseeing and managing your entire campaign
  • 1:1 telephone briefing for set up
  • Customised campaign for your firm, its geographical area and your specific business objectives in terms of client type, size and location
  • Ongoing management, development and measurement of your PPC campaign
  • Review call after 3 months to review the results

LinkedIn Ads managed for you

In addition to Google Adwords another great source of enquiries and quality new business is LinkedIn Ads. The great thing about LinkedIn ads is you are reaching out to your prospects using a relatively new medium where they spend a lot of time. What’s more you can target your prospects in more ways than you can when you set up a Google Adwords campaign. LinkedIn Ads allow you to profile prospects using:

  • Geographic location
  • Decision Maker titles (Managers, Directors, Managing Directors, etc)
  • By type of company you want to work with
  • By size of companies using number of employees
  • By Group – a powerful feature enabling you to reach out to your decision makers interests
  • By Gender
  • Age of prospect

Probably the most accurate database in the world

Because LinkedIn is such a powerful new tool most individuals and companies are self-managing their profiles. This means that they keep them up to date and want to ensure they are accurate. So unlike so many forms of marketing the great thing with LinkedIn is that when you are targeting your add using the powerful features above you know the data is staggeringly accurate.

Let our team of experts put your LinkedIn campaign together

Let the IDML team create the right LinkedIn ads for your business, set up and manage your LinkedIn Marketing campaign for a 3 month pilot. During which we will test different ads, different industry sectors and different calls to action. We will review the results at the end of each month and making improvements to your LinkedIn Ads campaign to ensure it generates the very best possible results for you. The cost to pilot this is just £200 per month for LinkedIn Ads management, which will give you all of the above.