Integrated Marketing Campaigns that bring online and offline marketing together

Digital and Offline Marketing combined for powerful results

You might be thinking that in today’s more technologically advanced world companies don’t need to use such crude methods as telemarketing, direct mail and email marketing. And you would be right, or at least partially right. The days with banks of students or overseas operators sat on phones all day have long gone, thankfully – at least for the most part.

Today’s equivalent is much more relaxed, more integrated and altogether far more sophisticated. Instead of mass marketing or selling it brings together the online and offline marketing into one place enabling careful targeting of prospects and offers advice and information instead of selling through a multichannel approach.

Integrated marketing provides much higher ROI than stand alone marketing

IDML has worked with companies of all sizes to help integrate their sales and marketing strategies, and we have been very successful at it. It is the mix of online and offline marketing that is key to generating a really great ROI. We have found that when we use a combination of digital marketing and offline marketing we get far better results that employing them individually.

But the margin for error is small and that means it is easy, very easy, to get wrong and that’s why it pays to work with an expert third party like IDML rather than try to integrate your marketing alone. We will take the time to get to know your business and make sure the foundations are rock solid from the start.

Of course, every campaign is customised and entirely bespoke to ensure that it delivers the results you want and that’s why the very first step is a free, no obligation conversation to discuss your plans for growth. Once we understand what your strategy looks like and what you want to achieve we can provide you with a recommended approach to hit the targets we set together. To arrange a free meeting or an informal chat by phone simply contact us.