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Successful email marketing takes a host of things to work perfectly together. Rarely, if ever, does a business have the internal skill set and resources to achieve this. The result is often a low conversion rate and a very high ‘unsubscribe’ reaction from your list. Worse, if not handled correctly they can cause your domain name to be recorded as SPAM and it will be blacklisted. Meaning even your day-to-day emails sent via outlook or a similar mail programme will never reach the recipient.

At IDML our team have been running successful email marketing campaigns for years. You can draw on our experience to help with just one area of an email campaign or to manage your entire send.

Mobile Devices and email marketing

The use of mobile devices and email open rates has sored in the past few months with a 36% increase during 2011 alone. It’s estimated that over 30% of all emails will be opened on a mobile device. At IDML we expect this steady, strong increase in mobile open rates to continue as the rate of mobile adoption continues.

The issue is that very few companies have any strategy in place for email marketing in general and specifically the opportunity offered by mobile email. IDML can help your business get the most out of email marketing through carefully understanding your goals and requirements and giving you the email marketing solution that’s right for you.

Success or failure can come down to just 2 or 3 words!

Some companies are amazed that the success or failure of an entire email shot can come down to the first few words in the subject line. If it doesn’t get opened then your email will not be read – our team of in house copywriters specalise in writing copy that gets the right results for your email marketing.

Get in touch with IDML today to discuss your email marketing requirements.

Every email marketing campaign is different; yet for each one to be successful you need the right database, right design, right words and the right email platform. Our team of email marketing experts will chat with you to find out what you are looking for and suggest the right solution for your business.

All IDML email campaigns come with multi-device testing, automated emails, database protection advice and full reporting.