Are you looking to grow through digital marketing but not sure how?

At IDML we have developed a unique approach to digital marketing – that works. This means that our experienced team in Darlington can help you streamline your online marketing to ensure that your website and internet marketing is generating you the results you want.

We take an integrated approach to digital marketing and are highly experienced in bringing together all forms of online and digital marketing as well as incorporated any offline marketing you may also be investing into.

Getting visitors to your website through Search Engine Optimisation

If you build it they very rarely come! That’s what we hear from many companies who have spend significant time and money on a great looking website that doesn’t appear anywhere in Google. They are left with nothing more than an amazing site that nobody is ever going to find.

At IDML in Darlington we can help review the Search Engine Optimisation of your current website and work with you to develop a site that gets the visitors you want and need.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing through Google and LinkedIn

A no brainer! That’s what one client in Darlington said to us when we explained PPC to them. The great thing about PPC is its low risk. You only pay something when someone actually clicks on your ad and then visits your website. Providing your website converts these into traffic then it’s a fantastic way of winning clients.

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Email Marketing and email shot design

Successful email marketing takes a host of things to work perfectly together. If your business wants to raise awareness, win new customer or keep in touch with existing clients through then IDML can help.

You can work with an expert team with years of experience running some of the most successful email marketing campaigns in the UK. You can draw on our experience to help with just one area of a campaign or to manage the entire process.

Integrated online and offline campaigns for improved ROI

You might be thinking that you don’t need offline marketing any longer. That the web and PPC have taken over the world, so no need for database or telemarketing. Some of the most effective digital campaigns are those that are integrated with offline marketing.

In fact for many companies, its only once they take the conversation offline that a sale is made. So if you want a well constructed, thought through and integrated campaign IDML can help.

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Telephone follow up, telemarketing and lead generation

An enquiry comes in through a website and its left, perhaps an hour or more before its followed up. Sometimes it’s only followed up with a letter or reply email, meaning that very few enquiries will actually convert to clients. So if you want new business, then our team of internal telemarketing staff can help follow up incoming or existing leads or generate new appointments from scratch.

Lead Generation