Mobile websites design and development

Almost all of us use smartphones and tablets to browse the web, wherever we are.

This means that we must all start reaching out to this growing audience of smartphone and mobile device users in a way that’s user-friendly.

You have to display your website in a mobile friendly way and provide information about your services, your firm and other critical information to this rapidly growing smartphone audience.

Low cost, hassle free mobile website design

Good news! Thanks to our unique process you don’t need to change your current website or purchase new domains. Using device recognition technology, the mobile version of your website will automatically display to smartphone users while desktop and PC users will continue to see your website ion its present format.

We can make your existing website mobile from just £499 + vat depending on the size of your site and the platform it has been built on. To find out more register for your free website made mobile demonstration

Do you really need a mobile website?

Most of us love our gadgets. We enjoy convenience, efficiency and, of course, saving time. It’s all about performing tasks faster, with less effort. And that’s at the heart of this mobile website solution. It’s not just an opportunity to create a mobile version of a website, it’s also a chance to give your clients and prospects a vastly improved user experience.

Imagine a new client trying to find you from their phone or tablet, or someone browsing for you. They will do a Google search to find you and then navigate to find the information they need.

At this point you need to be sure that your website information displays in a user-friendly manner for the growing smartphone community. And that’s where our mobile site optimisation service comes in, displaying the important information on your site in a fast, simple-to-navigate manner. If you don’t, most of your mobile web visitors will leave immediately.

Mobile users expect different things

There’s no doubt that mobile users are becoming savvier – and recognize immediately if a site isn’t ‘mobile-optimised’. It loads slowly and navigation is a nightmare. Do you think they’ll hang around waiting for it to load? No chance! They’ll be off to the next site.

Mobile users want information FAST. And now, you can give them exactly what they need without the added expense of re-writing and configuring your existing site. Your new mobile website focuses on the information mobile users want to read – immediately – and ensures you stand out from the crowd. Reaching out to this growing audience in an effective way.

Register for your free 1:1 demo of our brand new mobile website service today here

Getting a mobile version of your existing website is simple, low cost and high return

By the end of 2014 smartphone browsing will overtake desktops. That’s why our developers are now designing websites for mobile users first and desktop users second.

The great news is that getting your new mobile website is simple, low cost and available within days. What’s more, your current site remains as it is and it requires very little effort or input from you.

Our team will develop your mobile website from as little as £499 + VAT

This gives you a mobile presence allowing mobile users to get the information they need – fast! To discover more about mobile websites for accountants including live examples, simply register for your free mobile website demo here

What is a mobile website?

There is a lot of confusion over this question. That’s why we offer a free 1:1 demo where you can see for yourself the different types of mobile websites available. You can learn what works and what to avoid and you will also discover what other companies are already doing with mobile technology and devices.

Our unique mobile website service has been tried, tested and proven to give mobile users the information they need, at their fingertips. To find out more simply register for your free no obligation demo today.