Get a fully interactive, online ebrochure and stand out from the competition

Today, an essential facility for every business is to have the ability to send information (brochures, flyers, newsletters etc) to their customers and prospects by email – and to have the same data available to download from their website.

We recognise that for many businesses, having the design and software capabilities and the technical competence to create such material is just not feasible. That’s why this element is one of the main components of IDML.

To have your material available in full colour as an HTML document or interactive PDF e-brochure puts you at the leading edge as far as businesses are concerned.

Using the most advanced design technology in the world, your company’s information can be put into a 3D document available online to any contact without the requirement to install any software at all. You can display your brochure or document in a live environment enabling the potential customer to fully interact with your text. This not only sets your company apart from the others, but this level of interactivity also increases the response rates from such brochures.

What’s more, because they are ‘live’ documents, we are able to track ‘click throughs’ and responses, helping to understand what the customer is really interested in.