Companies that use blogs will enjoy great results here are just some of the benefits

1 At last – a way to bring everything together!- An integrated blog is the perfect platform to bring your website, social media, and offline marketing together peacefully and easily.
2 A blog saves you time- That’s right, correctly used a blog can save you enormous amounts of time and produce great results.
3 Blog once and update everything- Imagine a solution that you manage, you can use and is super simple to master, that will instantly update your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms you use.
4 Increase visitors to your website- Google is growing up, it’s changing the way it values content and it loves fresh, new, juicy content. It loves it so much, that it places greater value on it than dry, old, website content. So when you add a blog to your site it automatically has new, great content that Google will like and thank you for by increasing your rankings and visitor numbers.
5 Fire your Web Developers and Techies- No not really but you won’t need them or us anywhere near as much! Once we show you how to get a blog up and running you are in control. You can add your own content and images, links etc. anytime you feel like it.
6 Replace old, historic and boring newsletters- Some firms find emailing clients and potential clients a real chore! So much so that many opt for generic newsletter, which is, rarely if ever read and just gets deleted. A blog will help you achieve much more, in less time with complete ease.


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How can an integrated Blog do all of that and help with my marketing?

How do you bring together all of the social media platforms into one simple, effective place? It’s the common question raised by accountancy firms who are trying desperately hard to bring their digital marketing and social media activity together and it can feel like very hard work, trying to tweet, post status updates, share on your wall and pin it! It’s like feeding the ever-hungry lion and no amount of content is going to satisfy it.

And it won’t stop there! With social media redefining the way we work, communicate and play, more and more platforms will arrive. Google + and Pinterest will be replaced by newer, better models. So the need to manage and supply content across multiple platforms will become ever more important.

That’s why Insight and its team of developers have built a unique blog system we call I-Blog. With the I-Blog system your firm get the technical development and design work as standard to build and integrate your new blog into your social media platforms. The I-Blog is the perfect platform to write once and use many, many times. Its quick and easy to use, and with the right assistance it can be perfectly integrated into your social platforms and your website.

Funding for websites

Getting an integrated I-Blog from IDML is fast, simple and incredibly low cost

Your investment of £950 + vat includes access to the unique I-Blog service. You get your own unique Blog, matched to your existing branding on your website and supplied ready for your first I-Blog post.

What’s more as standard our development team integrate the I-Blog into your social media platforms for you, meaning you or your team are not spending valuable time learning how to add a blog to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles. The result – every time you use the I-Blog your social media platforms are immediately and automatically updated.

The I-Blog system is designed to be simple, easy and highly effective to use. That said, we don’t let you loose without some training all included in the package. You get 30 minutes on the phone with our developers to take you through the basics and leave you ready to start posting. Further training can also be supplied at a pre agreed hourly rate.

Plus you also receive a free eBook which gives you a step by step overview of why to blog, how to blog, what to write and what to avoid.

Register today for your own I-Blog and streamline your digital marketing

Secure your firms’ new I-Blog today and the result is an instant ability to make your social media marketing work in just a few minutes each day. No time or hassle for you and better still: it’s incredibly low cost. Simply use the form opposite to register your interest in the I-Blog and one of our team will contact you shortly.

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