I love doing video posts—it’s fun, it’s something a bit different, and it’s a good way to really reach out to my readers. I think videos provide bloggers with a good opportunity to connect in a way that can be hard to do through written text.

I’ve also found video really useful for generating sales.

Not my videos, though. I’ve made a lot of video posts, but when it comes to promoting products, I know I need something that’s a bit more powerful—I need videos that have an edge.

Just as writing informational blog posts is different from writing sales copy, preparing a standard video for my blog is very different from making a sales video.

Enter: RocketSalesVideos

I worked with Matt Skelcher, the guy behind Rocket Sales Videos, and his team to make the sales video for our myfirmsapp, an app I released earlier this year for accountants and IFAs.

Here’s that original video.

STANDARD 3 from Matt Skelcher on Vimeo.

Matt and his team use a combination of great video and scripting, along with some little-known psychological selling techniques to create sales videos that have that “edge” I mentioned.

The results? This is our biggest-selling app yet.

We had a lot of great feedback from customers about the video, and it made a big contribution to making the app such a success.

Matt’s now offering Insight readers a $200 discount on his Rocket Sales Video package, which includes:

  • up-to 3 minutes of HD video
  • ‘Dynamix’ Animation
  • 1 royalty-free audio track
  • script creation (or you can use your own)
  • studio recorded audio
  • psychological trigger techniques integrated
  • a 100% money-back guarantee

Usually, the package costs $895, but if you order in the next seven days, you’ll pay just $695.

When you order just mention the phrase “INSIGHT DISCOUNT” to get the discount.

Matt’s service made a big difference to my product sales, and I’m sure he can do the same for you. Don’t miss out on this generous discount!

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