The truth is a lot of websites just don’t work

Most websites simply don’t generate more than a trickle of enquiries. Some experts even suggest 97% of websites will never get them an ROI!

How about yours?

Are you disappointed with what you get from your website?

In this highly sophisticated, technological age, your website should be at the very heart of your business; the focal point on which your sales and marketing strategies are based; your new business generator; your centre of excellence that tells the world what you do and how they can communicate with you.

If that sounds a little ‘over the top’ then I’m sorry – it’s just that I’m passionate about growing businesses. As a digital marketing professional it hurts when I see under-performing websites that don’t stand a chance of helping businesses grow.

After all, your website represents a significant investment in time, energy and money, doesn’t it?

And if you’re not getting a great return on your investment, we think something is seriously wrong.

So if your site isn’t performing the way you had hoped for then our team at IDML in Darlington will happily review your website. No charge, no obligation – we will give you our suggestion for what you can do to fix the bad bits and improve the good bits.

Sounds simple? It is! What’s more, it won’t cost you a bean! The review is completely free of charge. There’s no obligation and no high-pressure sales talk either – just an honest opinion from passionate professionals who know how a great website should work.

To register just contact us

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