Are you getting the most from your print advertising?

In this digital climate it can be easy to forget about your offline marketing strategies, you can fall into the trap of solely posting blogs, tweeting or connecting with potential clients through Facebook and/or LinkedIn. This kind of activity although essential is obviously not the only way to connect current and potential clients.

Direct Marketing is still around and is as effective as online techniques for generating B2B sales leads; in this post we will discuss 4 ways on how to improve your print advertising to get the best ROI on your campaigns.

The power of Testimonials

It is no stretch of the truth to say that testimonials can boost the number of B2B sales by up to 700%; this is solely down to you offering the floor to impartial 3rd parties. When it comes to B2B testimonials everyone knows that they are not given out lightly as you’re backing and aligning your business with someone else’s so you are going to make sure that they deserve it!

People tend to trust their peers to tell it like it is, so use this to your advantage by including quotes from happy customers in your advertising, or mention the companies you serve, or use statistics like “chosen by 9 out of 10 design engineers.”

Always give the full name, title and company affiliation of the person being quoted, or list the names of a few respected companies who use your products or services this serves as confirmation that the quote is real and was written by an actual living person.

‘Free’ the ‘New’ Power

Two of the most powerful words in direct marketing are “free” and “new”, don’t believe me? Take a look at just about any direct response ad and you’ll see them.

These words used in the correct manner can greatly impact the enquiry rate of any ad, as everyone wants something new for free!

*Legally you can only use “new” if it is new, and only for a limited period of time (usually 6 months). Consult with your legal adviser.

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No Barriers to Contact

To best increase your response rate, offer your prospects multiple response devices so they can choose the method they prefer.

For instance, some prospects may love your offer and want to get in touch and buy straight away, so they would most likely prefer to call or go straight to your website. Some people are either night owls, always busy or simply like the 24 hr convenience of fax or e-mail; others may find it easier or be more comfortable using the magazine provided reader service cards, coupons or bound-in reply cards.

It’s simple maths the more ways people can get in touch with you the more accessible your offers are therefore the greater response rate.

You don’t get if you don’t ask

As any salesperson will tell you the above saying is all too true, you can talk and talk for hours but if you don’t ask for the order you won’t get it.

Focus on benefit-oriented offers such as:

“call, write, fax, e-mail or visit our web site today to request your free 1-1 consultation to see how best your business will benefit from our new ‘high growth boot camp’ sessions”

When writing always keep the prospects pain points at the forefront of your mind, this will help you best describe how you’re perfectly equipped to relieve them.

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