Why IDML uses CustomerSure

Customer feedback is absolutely critical, most companies get good relational feedback from time to time. But what about transactional feedback? As a business owner, partner or manager do you know how well a specific job was carried out? Do you know how a specific customer felt about a product, service or interaction they had with your company? Wouldn’t it be powerful if you could have an automated, on-line process that gained this feedback for you automatically, feedback that your team can read, share, learn from and act on?

The good feedback boosts morale, tells you the good things to keep doing, and used on your website as reviews it increases buyer confidence. The bad feedback is even better because it means you can fix things for customers who you didn’t even know were at risk.

Don’t assume customers are satisfied — use CustomerSure to be confident you’ve got it right, every time, and enjoy the benefits of retention, additional business from happy customers and new business through personal recommendations.

Increase sales and retention through consistent customer satisfaction.

Companies who start using CustomerSure usually experience these results:

  • more good feedback than they were expecting
  • some bad feedback they weren’t expecting
  • they wish they’d started asking for customer feedback in this way sooner

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