Cookie Compliance made easy from IDML in Darlington

One payment, one solution = complete compliance

IDML developed one of the easiest and neatest means for any company, business, organisation or charity to become compliant. For the one off investment of just £300 our team will do all the hard work for you. You get a full cookie audit, both Privacy and Terms of Use policies for your developers to put on your site and then the pop up message which appears to all visitors which ensures that implied consent has been reached. And if you have technical problems, have fallen out with your existing web designers or want additional help our team of full time web designers and developers can help.

Leave the headache of compliance with IDML

If you do not have a message which appears to all website visitors and if your Privacy Policy does not include the full information on the cookies you set, then your website is not compliant.

IDML clients enjoy unique, one-stop solution, endorsed by a leading London law firm and National accountancy firm. You can be fully compliant for just £300 per website.

What is included in the IDML Cookie Compliance Solution

Once you register for us to carry out your Cookie Compliance work the first step that any business needs to take is to perform a detailed cookie audit (Not a free Cookie Audit to entice you to buy). As part of the service, our team check all the pages on your website and report your cookies in an Insight-branded PDF report which you can retain for future reference.

We will then update Your Legal Information

Next you will get standard Privacy and Cookies and Terms of Use templates which incorporate the new ePrivacy regulations for your website. You also get super clear guidelines and instructions for your web developers to add these pages, and we will audit their work once completed.

Plus if you don’t have a web developer or agency or are unhappy with the work they do for you – then our expert team of developers and designers are available to help. This work is quoted for on a job-by-job basis, simply contact us or see our website page.

Privacy Message Display

Next our team will provide you with the visible message to put in front of all visitors informing them of the cookies you use and making sure that they opt-in to accepting them to use your website.

This has been optimised to ensure compliance with the EU directive, whilst not negatively affecting website traffic and usage. It will always be in the visible part of the browser window, and will appear whichever page a visitor lands on until they accept it once.

You can see an example of it in action on this website, however it can also be placed bottom right and the copy can be changed if need be. You get all this, and the customised code, plus, detailed installation instructions for your developer who merely needs to add one line of code to your pages and add a single file to your hosting (estimate 5-10 minutes work).

Register for your cookie compliance pack today

Having reviewed the current situation, and having read a number of opinions and views from legal firms, the ICO, industry experts and media, we believe you need to take compliance very seriously, and we are advising all companies to do the same.

At the same time we want to make it affordable and easy for any firm to implement, which is why we have come up with this ‘all in one’ solution, which will work for any organisation. Ensure your website is fully compliant in a matter of days for a fixed price of £300. Registration is very simply – contact us and one of our team will be in touch shortly.