One of the hardest thing about having an online business is not only being able to stand out from all your competition, but to convince your target market to actually hand over their cash.

5 Steps To Increase Your Websites Conversions And Sales On A Budget

Below are some very easily and cheaply applied changes to your website, that will make it go from standard website, to Cash-Extracting Machine

#1 – Have a Contact or Opt-in Form on Your Main Page

This is a Huge point that so many businesses miss out on. So many people may well be interested in your product or service from the first visit to your site, however without enough motivation, they wont necessarily contact you thinking “they’ll come back”.

The best way to prevent this is to have a contact form on your main page, with an incentive for providing you with their details. Such as ‘Fill Out The Form For A Free 7 Step Guide To…’

#2 – Use a Sales Video

Probably the most powerful thing you can have on your site, with so much information on on the internet, people just can’t be bothered to read long winded sales copies any more. If you don’t have something that grabs their attention from the word go, they will just click away losing you money (if you used PPC) and sales.

This Is The Secret Weapon of Online Sales All The Pro’s Are Using.

This doesn’t just mean ‘have a video’, but to have a Sales Video that is designed to speak directly to your potential client, targeting their fears and frustrations. while utilizing psychological triggers to speak to their emotions and make them want to hand over your cash!

#3 – Write The Copy with Your Target Customer in Mind

Most companies online write their copy with everyone in mind. They market their product with the aim to get everyone to like what they do. The truth is, average copy gets average or no results. You need to write with your ‘Ideal Target Customer’ in mind, and talk to them directly. Target their personal fears and frustrations, and how your amazing attainable solution is for them.

That way, anyone who wasn’t ever going to buy won’t waste their time reading it, and the people who actually NEED your service will be MORE convinced to hand over their cash and work with you.

REMEMBER: People buy People, not Companies.

No one wants to work with a ‘corporate’ identity, they want to work with people they like and who they can trust. You’re copy is the best way to convey this.

#4 – Add Credibility

Just like all services, people will only buy from you if they think you can be trusted. Now, if you don’t have a nationwide brand and can’t afford to spend loads of money getting on TV. Then you need something a bit more within your reach.

The most effective way to do this is to have logos of companies you’ve worked with on your main page. This shows people you’re a real company and have done work before.

It might even be worth offering your service for Free to a global brand like Nike, just to say you’ve worked with them and use the trust their branding has already built up!

#5 – Offer Only ONE Product or Service on Your Main Page

By focusing your attention on 3 different products, your sales power becomes divided and less powerful. By focusing your whole website on selling one product or service, you are I likely to get through to your Target Customer on a deeper level.

If you go to apple’s main page, you’ll notice for the most part they are only promoting ONE product. Our research has found that by focusing on just ONE product per page always has a dramatic effect on the overall sales of that product.

And that’s it! It’s easy to get started and set up these changes, for more information on custom sales videos visit our partner

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